Photographed by Steven Chee for Vogue Australia August 2014

Gregory Peck and Mary Badham photographed by Leo Fuchs on the set of To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

verysadandverysleepy requested Sam in #13! I have a lot of Sam + home feels so I wanted to draw him looking comfy in the bunker. Used a ref for the antique looking chair.


The poor thing


FAIRY TALE MEME ∙ [1/7] Villains ∙ Bluebeard (from La Barbe Bleue/Bluebeard by Charles Perrault)

"Here," said he," are the keys to the two great wardrobes, wherein I have my best furniture. These are to my silver and gold plate, which is not everyday in use. These open my strongboxes, which hold my money, both gold and silver; these my caskets of jewels. And this is the master key to all my apartments. But as for this little one here, it is the key to the closet at the end of the great hall on the ground floor. Open them all; go into each and every one of them, except that little closet, which I forbid you, and forbid it in such a manner that, if you happen to open it, you may expect my just anger and resentment."
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